vrijdag 2 oktober 2009


Ok this is basicly a post were i keep track of some much used ssh commands,
there will probably be things added to this post as time goes by.

use x2x to share keyboard and mouse between 2 computers

Both PC's have to be running X and be logged in
from a shell within X on the PC that has the keyboard and mouse do
 ssh -XC remoteuser@remoteip  x2x -east -to :0.0 

Use SSH tunnel to secure your webtraffic

on the local machine configure firefox to use localhost & port 7070 as a proxy
then log into a shell and execute
ssh -D 7070 username@remote-host

connect over SSH to a computer behind a NAT firewall using a reverse SSH tunnel

on the remote machine (the one behind the firewall) do
ssh -R 19999:localhost:22 sourceuser@ 

Where 19999 can be anny random unused port is the IP of the machine from where you want to access the "remote machine"

now on your server (theone at do

 ssh localhost -p 19999 

and you should log into the machine behind the nat

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