vrijdag 24 juni 2011

restoring the firmware to a nslu2 from a linux PC

ok i bought a new nslu2 from ebay, and it had either a corrupt firmware, or i corrupted it trying to reset it to factory default (cause i could not figure out what ip adress it was set to, all i know is, it was not in the common ranges, and was not using dhcp)
sollution.... reflash the firmware
problem: all step by step in one document i could find online assume either windows OR Mac... i wanted to use my desktop (a debian machine) so i wrote it up.

1. get the original firmware from linksys, or an alternative firmware from where-ever. (with "might be broken" hardware i always prefer to first flash the original firmware, just to check)

2. install upslug2
apt-get install upslug2
3. set your fixed ip to something in the range, but NOT (make sure that that's free)

redboot the machine

when the nslu2 boots, for a few seconds you can telnet into it on port 9000
so boot the nslu2, and start executing the following command on your pc
telnet 9000

once you'r in you have maybe 2 seconds to press ctrl-c and interrupt the normal boot .. so be prepared

once in redboot, erase the existing bootloader ...
redboot> fis erase -f 0x50040000 -l 0x20000
and put the nslu2 in upgrade mode
redboot> upgrade
you'll see the satus led start flashing orange-green-orange-green

run upslug2 without any switch to find your nslu2 you'll get back some info one of witch is the mac-adress (note: upslug has to be rone as root)

next use upslug2 to flash the firmware

upslug2 --target="00:00:00:00" --image="someimage.bin"

go have a coffee or thee or chocolate milk, or whatever .. it'll take 5-10 min

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